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Wileypup is a website devoted to all things dog. We want to provide useful and authoritative information about canine health, nutrition, breeds, training and products. Plus, we want to keep things fun and engaging! 

If you are a dog lover, then we hope this site will encourage you to learn more about your beloved pet!

Developing and hosting the content at Wileypup is supported through affiliate advertising. However, we provide honest reviews based on a dog centered approach to finding the best toys, food, and gear. In addition, we strive to include well researched informative articles on a wide range of topics so there is always something new to learn about.

Whether you are new to canine companionship or a seasoned dog owner, Wileypup has you covered! 

We believe strongly in animal welfare and make it a point to inform our readership on issues such as pet overpopulation and adoption. We want to use our platform to raise awareness about these important topics because WE LOVE DOGS!

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