The best value for money

miPets Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

  • Diamond bit grinder means no replacement wheels.
  • Very quiet motor
  • Many port size options so all of your pets will be covered.

  • If you are tired of paying for expensive trips to the groomer just to get your dog’s nails trimmed, it may be time to invest in a dog nail grinder to get the job done at home. This article will help guide you in using a grinder and making it an enjoyable experience for your pup, as well as finding the right gear.

    Dr. Sara Redding Ochoa | Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine

    Sara is Wileypup’s Veterinarian Adviser and helped compose this article to ensure the information is up to date and accurate. For more information on Sara click here

    Quick fact:

    Hand clippers are a little faster than grinders, however, it is much easier to clip too much and end up cutting through your dog’s quick. This can create a bloody mess as your pup runs away bleeding from the scene of the crime convinced you are deliberately trying to torture him.


    It only takes one really bad experience with hand nail clippers for your dog to have major problems with sitting still for necessary trimming. Sometimes this can create a lifelong phobia.

    The best part!

    Grinders are a safer and more humane way to trim your dog’s nails. We will show you how to train your pup to enjoy the experience, how to recondition them if they are already freaked out by having their nails done, and some tips on how to use them appropriately and effectively.

    Finally, we will recommend some top notch grinders on the market.

    How To Make Trimming Your Dog’s Nails A Pleasant Experience

    It is important to introduce the grinder to your dog in a way that gives them a positive experience. Here are some guidelines to follow:

    1. High value treats: Have plenty of small treats handy to reward your dog often. Try having a jar of peanut butter and dipping the tip of a chopstick in for an engaging reward.

    2. Keep calm: Your dog picks up on your vibe. If you are stressed out, they will be too. One of the great things about dog nail grinders is that you are not likely to cut the quick, helping you to bring less worry and stress to the table.

    3. Introduce the grinder tool slowly: Start by rewarding your dog for just being near the tool while off, then for letting you touch a toe with the motor off, then near with the motor on… and so forth. Keep it positive.

    4. Set a goal for a 15-minute session: It is more important in the long term to have short sessions that stay positive then to get all of your dog’s nails trimmed in one session. Over time you will be able to get right to it and finish all nails in less than 15 minutes, but early on you may not.

    5. Don’t let it get tense: It is your job to manage the situation. If things start getting tense then back down to a lower level of exposure, practice a few easy rewards (go back to the tool off on the floor while your dog sits) and then end the session.

    6. Decrease rewards over time: After you dog is successfully accepting filing then you can decrease the reward output to just after each nail is done. Always start the session with a few “easy” rewards, and always end a session with a few “extra” rewards.

    7. Always have styptic nearby: Although you are much less likely to catch the quick with dog nail grinders, it is still possible. Styptic Powder stops bleeding on contact.

    How To Help A Dog That Freaks Out When A Dog Nail Grinding Tool Is Used

    Some pups have had a few bad experiences with nail trimming and they positively panic when it comes time for this necessary ritual. It can take some patience to help your pup get over this. Every time you try to “force” a dog by having a friend to hold them down for trimming, you are making the fear of the experience even more deeply engrained.

    Buying a grinder is definitely part of the solution, since you are much less likely to cause the extreme pain of clipping the quick. In addition, there is no sharp “click” sound associated with dog nail trimmers.

    If you are new to nail grinding and you have a dog that is freaked out by trimming, you have a valuable chance to reset and turn nail trimming into a less traumatic experience.

    Follow all of the instructions in the section above, but add in the following tips:

    • Progress extremely slowly: You need to go overboard rewarding the early stages of the training with dogs that already have issues with nail trimming. Plan multiple short sessions a day at first, simply rewarding your pup for having you hold their paw with the trimmers in sight, and very slowly escalating.
    • Stay under the negative reaction threshold: If your dog starts showing signs of anxiety like pulling the paw away, whining, or trying to get away from you, you are going too fast. Back up two levels of your progression, reward every 1-2 seconds. Never let your pup “practice” anxiety around the trimmer.
    • Muzzle if necessary: If your dog is super worried about having their nails trimmed, it may be necessary to muzzle them during the experience for your safety. Make sure to muzzle train your pup with lots of positive reinforcement. Don’t make the mistake of ONLY using the muzzle for nail trimming or it is one more negative association your dog will have with trimming AND muzzles.

    Grinding Dogs Nails vs Cutting | How To Use Nail Grinders

    Dog nail grinders are actually safer than hand held trimmers as long as you follow a few simple rules when using them. First, be sure you follow the specific manufacturer instructions as each model varies in best use practices.

    Second, here are some tips to be sure you are making the most of your nail grinder:

    • Light pressure: It is important you do not use hard pressure because this can build up heat from friction very quickly. This can be very painful for your dog, as any woman that has been burned while having acrylic nails shaped at the salon can tell you.
    • 3 second contact: You don’t want to hold them to your pups nails for longer than about 3 seconds because, again, friction creates heat. This is especially true if you are close to the quick while touching up nails that are already pretty short.
    • Don’t wait too long: Keeping up with nails is easier with grinders, especially if you trim on a weekly basis. If you have let it go too long and have a lot of nail to take off, it may be wise to take the tips off with hand trimers, then shape with the grinder.

    Best Dog Nail Grinder | Easy Trimming & Clipping





    miPets Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

    • Diamond bit grinder means no replacement wheels.
    • Very quiet motor
    • Many port size options so all of your pets will be covered.

    URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

    • Extremely quiet motor for stress free filing.
    • Charging indicator light lets you know when this nail grinder is fully charged.
    • Diamond tip grinder so no replacement tips needed.

    Dremel 7300-PT Dog & Cat Nail Grinder Kit

    • Wireless operation
    • 2 speed selections
    • 2 year warranty

    Wahl Professional Animal Ultimate Nail Grinder

    • Handy case to keep everything in one place.
    • Powerful motor for fast grinding.
    • Variable speed for maximum control.

    FURminator Nail Grinder For Dogs and Cats

    • Safety guard for extra protection
    • Wireless operation and two speeds
    • Outstanding price point

    miPets Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder | Small to Large Dog Nail Clippers

    The miPets trimmer boasts a lot of versatility for multi-pet households.

    There are 4 different ports on this nail trimmer, each for different size nails. This makes it perfect for canines of all sizes as well as other smaller household pets. You can also remove the cover to use the rotating sander on its own for maximum shaping control. If you have multiple pets of different sizes, this is a great choice.

    A stand out feature of this model is that it has a grinder port that is specially designed just for blunting the tips of nails, a helpful feature for doing quick shaping jobs. This feature is also great for beginners.

    • Many port size options so all of your pets will be covered.
    • 100% money back guarantee.
    • Very quiet motor.
    • Diamond bit grinder means no replacement wheels.
    • USB charger only. You won’t be able to plug this into the wall to charge it.
    • You will have to clean the grinding head often to keep its edge sharp.

    URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder | Small to Medium Dogs

    The URPOWER trimmer offers a nice value for owners of small and medium sized canines.

    This model is very compact and portable. It comes with a user manual and a small travel box as well. If you travel with your pooch often, this is probably the model for you.

    The rechargeable battery has an indicator light and a 3-hour lifespan, way more than you need. The motor on this model is extremely quiet due a special muting technology that URPOWER uses. If you have a dog that has trouble remaining calm during trimming, this is an excellent choice.

    • 30-day money back guarantee, 90 day replacement warranty.
    • Extremely quiet motor for stress free filing.
    • Diamond tip grinder so no replacement tips needed.
    • Charging indicator light lets you know when this nail grinder is fully charged.
    • USB charger only. No wall plug included.
    • Recommended for small and medium pets. Not a good choice if you have a large canine.

    Dremel 7300-PT Dog & Cat Nail Grinder Kit | Large Dogs

    From leading tool manufacturer, Dremel is the leader in rotating grinders in the tool world, and now they have an offering just for pets with this dog and cat nail grinder kit.

    One of the reasons to go with this model is that it is compatible with Dremel sandpaper drums so you can fine tune with finer sandpaper and replace the drums at just about any hardware store. It comes with 5 sanding drums so you can get started right away when it comes to your door.

    This model features a quick charging station for wireless operation. It also features two speeds so that you can have more control over your trim.

    Another nice perk of going with this model is that it comes with a 2 year warranty backed by Dremel’s good reputation in making quality tools.

    • Wireless operation
    • 2 speed selections for more control
    • Easy to replace drums at most hardware stores or through Chewy.com
    • Quiet motor with enough power for even tough nails
    • 2 year warranty backed by a solid tool manufacturer
    • A little pricier than some other models

    Wahl Professional Animal Ultimate Nail Grinder | Professional Dog Nail Grinders

    The Wahl trimmer is one of the better choices for people with large dogs or multiple dog households. The more powerful motor afforded by a plug-in grinder makes quicker work of the thick nails on larger canine breeds.

    If you are experienced with using a rotating grinder to trim your pups nails, this is the upgrade you have been looking for. It comes with two sizes of rotating sanding wheels and you can easily buy thereplacement kit when you are ready for more wheels.

    The motor has variable speed and a maximum of 13,000 RPM, making it one of the more powerful grinders on the market. Wahl is a long-trusted name and they offer a 1 year limited warranty on this product.

    • Handy case to keep everything in one place.
    • Powerful motor for fast grinding.
    • Variable speed for maximum control.
    • 1 year warranty from a trusted manufacturer.
    • There is no cover on this model, so beginners may find it a little harder to use.
    • This is not a cordless model so you will need to be close to an outlet.

    Oster Pet Nail Grinder | Professional Dog Nail Trimmers

    FURminator is probably best known for their line of deshedding tools for dogs and cats. However, this model of nail grinders for dogs has been met with a lot of customer satisfaction and high ratings for quality and function.

    This two speed grinder with will operate on 100 hours on 4 AA batteries which are easy to replace. It does come with enough batteries to get started right away out of the box. It also comes with two bands with replacements available.

    The safety guard is a nice feature, particularly for those who are new to using a grinder to trim nails. It can help guide the nail so that the right angle is achieved while protecting the sensitive quick.

    And, perhaps best of all, this nail grinder for dogs is a great bargain, beating most on the market in terms of price without having to sacrifice on quality.

    • Safety guard for extra protection
    • Wireless operation and two speeds for the ultimate in control
    • Made by leader in the pet grooming industry, FURminator
    • Outstanding price point for those not sure if nail grinding is right for them
    • It is not rechargeable, 4AA batteries are included however
    • It only comes with two sanding disks, although replacements are inexpensive

    The Winner

    miPets Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

    We think the MiPets is a great nail trimmer because it offers both versatility and great value. Whether you are a novice at using a grinder, or a seasoned expert, this model is going to meet your needs.

    The 4 ports on the MiPets grinder mean that it is perfect for large and small dogs alike. Cordless operation and a compact design make it rank well for portability.

    Finally, the 100% money back guarantee offered by the manufacturer makes our choice of best dog nail grinder a no-brainer!

    Sharon Elber (M.S. in Science & Technology) - Professional Dog Trainer

    Sharon is a professional dog trainer with over 10 years experience. She is also a professional writer that received her M.S. in Science & Technology Studies from Virginia Tech.

    For more info on Sharon click here

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