Historically, greyhounds were hunting dogs who could swiftly chase down an opponent at a moment’s notice. Since then, they’ve transitioned into one of the most popular racing dog breeds in the world, traveling up to an astounding 45 mph. 

It’s not surprising that these speedy dogs need plenty of exercise. Finding the right leash for your greyhound can lead to enjoyable walks for both of you. Below, we’ve listed nine of the best leashes for greyhounds based on their reliability, durability, and leash type.

What to Consider When Choosing Leashes for Greyhounds

Whether you have a puppy or adult greyhound, you’ll need to find a leash that suits your dog. Here are a few points to consider before buying a leash:

Slip vs. Standard Leashes

A standard leash is one that hooks to your dog’s collar, while a slip leash is both a collar and a leash that you can use without a collar. Both types are similar lengths, but a slip leash is usually quicker and easier to put on over a dog’s head.

A slip leash can also help train a dog that pulls. As the dog pulls, it gently tightens to remind the dog to slow down and give you more control.

Strength of Leash Material

Greyhounds are strong dogs that require a strong leash. Leashes come in various materials, like nylon, rope, and leather. Nylon leashes are usually the most affordable, but they may not offer enough durability with a strong puller. A rope leash provides a lot of strength, and it stretches a bit if your dog pulls, offering some protection for your hand and arm.

Leash Size

Leashes come in different lengths and thicknesses. The thicker the leash, the stronger it usually is, which can help control a puller.

The leash length you need mostly depends on where you typically walk your greyhound. A short leash can give you more control over your dog in a traffic-heavy area, while well-trained leashed dogs might be allowed to roam farther on a longer leash.


You’ll notice that many leashes have a generic clip that attaches to a hook on your dog’s collar. These work well for most dogs who are trained to walk on-leash. However, even well-trained greyhounds can sometimes get distracted and want to chase something they find appealing.

For added safety, consider another type of clasp for your leash called a carabiner. Carabiners are thicker than other fasteners and virtually impossible to unclip accidentally.

Leash Handle

The leash you choose should be as comfortable for you as it is for your dog. Look for a leash with a non-slip, cushioned handle that keeps your hand in place. The cushion can prevent hand fatigue on long walks and uncomfortable rubbing from the leash’s material.

Best Overall Leash for Greyhounds: Mendota Products Large Slip Striped Rope Dog Leash

Greyhound owners and trainers often use slip leads with this large breed because they’re useful for leash-walking training and preventing pulls. This slip leash combines style, reliability, and durability and keeps your dog walking calmly and comfortably.

One of the most significant benefits of this leash is the braided rope style that gives it a thickness suitable for the large-breed greyhound. The braided design offers a bit of give but snaps back into shape without tearing or fraying. Use the leather stopped to keep the slip collar section in place on your dog’s upper neck for just the right amount of restraint. 

All parts of this leash are washable for your convenience.


  • Made from a flexible rope that can fold compactly if needed
  • Multiple color options
  • Thick and durable rope leash
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Suitable for dogs up to 250 pounds


  • Some dogs may be able to chew through it
  • May take some practice to keep the slip collar high on your dog’s neck

Best Standard Leash: Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Leash

Nylon dog leashes are among the most affordable and straightforward if you’re looking for a bare-bones, does-the-job leash. This Frisco nylon leash is about as simple as you get. It could be a good option for well-trained greyhounds with impulse control and excellent leash-walking skills.

We recommend purchasing this leash in the six-feet Large version for your greyhound. The length gives your dog enough of a lead to roam comfortably, and the Large size can work for dogs up to 80 pounds, which is on the higher end of the average greyhound weight range.


  • One-inch width
  • Simple bolt snap connection
  • Matching collars are available
  • Ultra Weld seals at connection points for added durability
  • Comfortable on hands


  • May not be a match for strong pullers
  • No grip on the handle

Best Slip Lead: Remington Rope Dog Slip Lead

Our best overall leash for greyhounds is also a rope slip lead, but this one is an excellent runner-up if you’re comparing options. At just a few dollars cheaper than our top pick, the Remington Rope Dog Slip Lead has very similar features with a slightly different look that might appeal to you more.

This six-foot leash is incredibly durable and strong, so much that you can feel it when you walk your greyhound. It’s ½ an inch thick, making it perfect for large dogs like the greyhound. Still, it’s entirely flexible, allowing you to fold it and tuck it away in a pocket or bag when you’re not using it.

The slide near the slip collar portion of the leash is adjustable, allowing you to slide it along the rope to make the loop bigger or smaller for your greyhound’s head and neck.


  • Braided rope adds extra strength
  • Ideal for training dogs of any size
  • Hand-washable
  • Three color options
  • Faux leather accents


  • Not machine washable
  • The slide doesn’t move easily for quick adjustments

Best Rope Leash: Mendota Products Large Snap Solid Rope Dog Leash

This rope leash from Mendota Products is a bolt snap version of our top pick slip-over leash. The Mendota Products Snap Solid Rope Dog Leash features the same braided rope material with a ½-inch thickness that’s suitable for large dogs like the greyhound. Choose the Large size to fit dogs up to 250 pounds.

Rather than slipping over your greyhound’s head, this leash attaches to a collar with a bolt snap. The bolt snap closure is a good option if your dog usually wears a collar for walks and can walk nicely on a leash next to you.

Choose between several color options to match your dog’s collar or style. Each color comes with oil-tanned leather accents and an attractive, shiny metal bolt snap.


  • Soft texture that’s comfortable on hands
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Works for dogs up to 250 pounds
  • Flexible for convenient storage
  • Waterproof rope


  • Bolt snap may not be reliable enough for strong pullers
  • The rope can feel slippery

Best Leather Leash: Soft Touch Collars Leather Braided Two-Tone Handle Dog Leash

Leather dog leashes can add a stylish touch to your walks with your dogs. This one from Soft Touch Collars has a few color options for you to choose from, including some two-toned variations that are both unique and eye-catching.

The strength of this leash is what you’ll find most impressive. It’s handcrafted from soft sheepskin and braided to add another layer of strength to its length. It’s soft to the touch, too, keeping your hands feeling comfortable on your walk and the leash staying as flexible as you need it to be.

Soft Touch Collars adds a reliable, heavy-duty brass clip and snap to the leash to keep it in its best shape over time. 


  • Several two-tone color options
  • Durable, solid brass hardware 
  • Braided design for extra strength
  • Matching collar is sold separately
  • Four and six-foot options


  • The handle can be a little uncomfortable
  • Heavy compared to other leashes

Best Nylon Leash: Mighty Paw HandleX2 Nylon Reflective Dog Leash

The Mighty Paw HandleX2 is a nylon leash that’s one-inch wide, making it a strong option for larger dog breeds like the greyhound. It comes with a standard bolt snap closure that’s easy to connect and release from your dog’s collar.

Choose from two color options – green and orange – both of which come with reflective stitching along the entire length of the leash. This stitch design can help others see you when you walk your dog during the early morning or late evening hours.

One perk you’ll get with this leash that many others don’t offer is a padded handle that prevents scratching and discomfort on your hands, especially with dogs that pull.


  • Padded handle for handler comfort
  • One-inch nylon webbing
  • Works for dogs up to 100 pounds
  • Six-foot length
  • Reflective stitching for nighttime walk safety


  • May not be long-lasting with pullers
  • The handle is wide and may not feel comfortable for some

Best Reflective Leash: Pawtitas Nylon Reflective Padded Dog Leash 

If you frequently walk your dog outside of regular daylight hours or just want to stay extra safe near busy roads, then this leash could be the best option for you. It has a reflective strip along the full leash and handle that offers excellent visibility for oncoming traffic.

The strip is sewn onto the nylon leash material to help it stay in place. Even when there isn’t much light around you, the strip will reflect the little light there is to keep you more visible.

The Medium/Large version is the one you’ll want for your greyhound, giving you control of dogs that weigh as much as 90 pounds. It has a one-inch thickness along its entire length, including the handle, to provide you with maximum control over your pooch.


  • Matching collars available from Pawtitas
  • Waterproof nylon
  • Machine washable
  • Six-feet length
  • Several color options


  • The reflective strip is only on one side of the leash
  • Easy for chewers to get through

Best Retractable Leash: Flexi Giant Nylon Tape Retractable Dog Leash

It’s best to use retractable leashes with caution with greyhounds. With that said, they could work for your dog that’s well-trained with leash walking and impulse control. 

The Flexi Giant Nylon Tape Retractable Dog Leash is likely your best option if you’re looking for a retractable leash for your greyhound. Greyhounds are strong, but this leash is one that can match the strength of your dog that weighs up to 110 pounds (Large) or more than 110 pounds (X-Large). The tape is also brightly colored for extra visibility on walks.

You’ll get 26 feet of running length with this leash with a ¾-inch tape that remains under tension to spring back quickly when you need it to. A one-handed brake system gives you simple control over how long you extend your dog’s lead.

Unlike other retractable leashes with plastic handles, the one on the Flexi Giant is slightly padded and adjustable to aid in your comfort and grip. 


  • Compatible with Flexi LED Light for morning or night walks
  • Easy-to-use retracting and braking mechanisms
  • Durable construction
  • Ergonomic handle


  • May be too big for some hands to hold comfortably

Best Hands-Free Leash: Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash

Greyhounds who have had leash-walking training for a while could start transitioning to a hands-free leash. This type of leash is suitable for owners who still want to use their hands during walks, especially if they like to run with their greyhound.

The Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash is one of the best for this purpose. The leash features a belt that fits waist sizes up to 42 inches to keep your hands free. A bungee cord leash extends out from the belt, stretching up to five feet for dogs to roam. 

With a one-inch diameter, this leash is perfect for controlling dogs up to 110 pounds. The clip attached to the belt moves with your greyhound, giving your dog some control of where they move as you walk or run. 


  • Adjustable belt from 26 to 48 inches
  • Non-stretched bungee keeps dogs close by at four feet in length
  • The belt can accommodate a coupler leash for walking multiple dogs
  • Designed to absorb the jerk of a quick pull from your dog


  • Plastic waist belt buckle may not be long-lasting


The following questions are some of the common ones we see about leashes for greyhounds. Their answers may help you decide on the best leash for your dog.

How do you train a greyhound to walk on a leash?

Without the right training, a greyhound can quickly become an on-leash puller, hoping to make their way to their next destination as fast as possible. 

Before working on leash training, your greyhound should learn impulse control with a knowledgeable trainer. This training will help your dog not feel like they need to pull you or chase everything they see.

To train your dog on a leash:

  1. Bring plenty of treats with you.
  2. Praise and reward your dog when they walk beside you and refrain from pulling or chasing. If your dog does pull ahead, calmly stop and wait to grab your dog’s attention.
  3. Continue to stop every time your dog pulls forward to remind them to walk with you.

Can a greyhound be off-leash?

The answer to this mostly depends on your dog. Generally, it would be best if you kept a greyhound on a leash when you’re outside. By nature, greyhounds love to run and chase, and it doesn’t take much for them to take off after seeing something eye-catching. This can be incredibly dangerous for your dog.

A leash doesn’t have to feel restrictive for your dog, though. With the proper training, your greyhound will feel comfortable walking alongside you on a leash. 

Should I use a retractable leash for my greyhound?

Dog owners often have their own opinions of retractable leashes, which mostly depend on their dogs and their behaviors. 

Some greyhound enthusiasts believe that retractable leashes aren’t the safest for this particular breed. That’s because greyhounds are designed to run, and they can take off without warning if they see something they want to run after. 

Retractable leashes can snap easily when they have a lot of force – like the determination of a distracted greyhound – on them. More importantly, a retractable leash can injure an unsuspecting dog that gets pulled back when it reaches the end of the lead.

If you do decide to use a retractable leash with your greyhound, you should use it only in non-crowded, distraction-free zones where you have your dog’s full attention. Avoid using a choke or slip collar with the leash. Finally, practice using the leash with your greyhound, training your dog to learn their limits while walking with you.

Final Thoughts

Greyhounds need a lot of physical activity, and long walks can be the perfect exercise for them. Choosing the right leash ensures that your dog gets the exercise they need while you remain in control of the walk.

Depending on your dog’s personality and behavior, one of the above leash options should be a good fit for you and your dog, whether your greyhound is well-trained or still learning the ropes of leash-walking.

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