Do you want to spend time with your Rottweiler? Exercises and walks are a great way to do that, but you need the right equipment, including a good leash. Some of the best leashes for Rottweilers can handle intense pulling, while others work without much pulling.

Keep reading to learn about the best leashes for Rottweilers and how to choose one.

How to Choose the Best Leash for Your Rottweiler

Choosing the best leash for your Rottweiler is essential. When you want to take your dog on walks or to the vet, you need to have control, but your dog needs to be comfortable. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best leash.

Durability and Materials

You should consider the leash materials and make sure they’re durable. Leashes come in all kinds of materials, from nylon to leather. The material should be strong, and it can help to have a thicker leash.

You should also make sure the clip that hooks to your dog’s collar can rotate. That way, the leash won’t tangle as your dog moves around. You can also look for a leash with a comfortable handle that makes it easier for you to hold.

Your Dog

The best leash for a Rottweiler puppy won’t work as well when the dog becomes an adult. Your dog’s size can determine how strong of a leash you need. Some Rottweilers will grow to be about 80 pounds, and others can hit 130 pounds.

As your dog becomes an adult, consider their weight and height and look for a leash to support that.

Overall Best Leash for Rottweilers

Not sure where to start your search? The option below is our favorite pick for rottweilers:

PetSafe Premier Nylon Dog Leash

The PetSafe Premier Nylon Dog Leash is durable and soft, and it gives you control over your dog on walks. It comes in two lengths and three widths, so you can choose the right size for your Rottweiler. You can choose a shorter leash if you want to keep your dog close, but you can use a longer leash for training.

A thicker leash is great if your dog tends to chew on their leash or if they pull a lot. The extra nylon can handle more pulling and chewing. But you can also get a thinner leash if your dog has good walking habits.

PetSafe recommends the thinner leash for dogs up to 75 pounds, so it’s a great option for a puppy or adolescent Rottweiler. Once your dog reaches adulthood, you can switch to the thicker option for more control.

If the leash gets dirty, you can hand wash it with mild detergent. You can choose between multiple colors, and the leash works well with PetSafe harnesses and collars. It’s a great option for Rottweilers at almost any age and stage of training.


  • Affordable
  • Multiple sizes
  • Flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Great for all ages


  • The clasp isn’t very strong
  • Thicker than it looks

8 More of the Best Leashes for Rottweilers

If that doesn’t seem like it’ll fit your pup, try checking out any of the rest of these great picks:

PetSpy Camo Bungee Dog Leash

The PetSpy Camo Bungee Dog Leash is excellent if you want to give your dog some freedom. You still have the control you would with a traditional leash, but your dog can explore. The bungee reduces shock so that you and your dog won’t feel the pull as much.

This leash expands from about four to six feet when your dog pulls the bungee. That means your dog can move forward without pulling a ton. But you do have to maintain control so that your dog doesn’t pull too much.

You can use the neoprene handle to keep your hand comfortable, and you can switch to the shorter handle. That way, your dog can wander when you’re alone, but you can control your dog as you approach others.

The leash has a metal clip that rotates to keep the leash from tangling, so it’s great for curious dogs. It also features durable stitching to keep the leash from falling apart.


  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Great for large dogs
  • Comfortable handles


  • Elastic can break
  • The clip is a little heavy

Logical Leather Dog Leash

Another excellent option is the Logical Leather Dog Leash. It’s great for training your Rottweiler, but you can use it after you stop training. The leash has a durable design that can withstand about 245 pounds of pulling force.

It uses high-quality leather that’s comfortable for you to hold, and it’s easy to clean. Using a leather conditioner can extend the leash’s lifespan. The leash uses a single piece of leather, so it shouldn’t snap in the middle like if it used multiple pieces. It also features a strong brass clasp that you can clip to your dog’s collar or harness.

The leather stitching on the ends helps the clasp stay on and keeps the handle in place. You can hold the handle, or you can hold the leash to shorten it and keep your Rottweiler closer to you.

This leash is a bit more expensive than some options, but it uses excellent materials. Also, you can choose between multiple colors, so you can make your leash stand out. That way, you can keep track of it when you have multiple leashes.


  • Useful for training and walks
  • Works well long after the first use
  • Softens over time
  • Comfortable for you and your dog
  • Not too wide


  • A little expensive
  • Can break easily

Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Leash

The Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Leash is another great leash to consider. It’s great for a variety of uses, from walks to dog playdates. You can clip the leash to almost any collar, and it will be secure, and the comfortable handle gives you control.

This leash is either four or six feet long, depending on the size you get. While it also comes in different widths, Rottweilers do best with a one-inch wide leash since it can handle more pressure from a bigger dog.

The Frisco Leash can withstand up to seven times the recommended weight. It’s great for growing Rottweilers, but you can use it with a smaller adult Rottie. The nylon webbing has a strong Ultra-Weld seal to keep everything in place, so you don’t have to worry about glue or stitching.

You can choose from different colors, and you can match the leash to a Frisco collar. That way, you know it will fit and connect well. But you can use the leash with another collar of your choice.


  • Flexible
  • Different sizes and colors
  • Works well with different collars
  • Versatile
  • Affordable


  • Can be a little long
  • Dogs can easily chew through it

OmniPet Chain Dog Leash

If your dog tends to chew through fabric leashes, consider the OmniPet Chain Dog Leash. It has a comfortable handle that feels like leather, so you don’t have to hold the chain. The rest of the leash is metal, so your dog won’t feel as tempted to chew on it.

You can choose between three different weights, so it’s great for growing Rottweilers. The medium-weight is useful when your dog is younger, and you can switch to a heavyweight leash when your dog reaches their full size.

This leash’s chain can withstand pulling from dogs of any size, and it can handle pulling well. If the leash gets dirty, you can wash it. All of the materials are waterproof, and the leash is easy to clean.

The leash is a bit heavier than some, but the durability makes up for it. You can use the leash with any collar or harness, so you can choose one that is comfortable for your dog. However, the chain can be tough to hold if you need to bring your dog closer to you.


  • Stops chewing
  • Good for growing dogs
  • Comes in different weights
  • Affordable
  • Versatile


  • Heavier than other leashes
  • Chain is rough

Mendota Products Large Snap Striped Rope Dog Leash

Another non-traditional leash to consider is the Mendota Products Large Snap Striped Rope Dog Leash. Instead of nylon or leather, it uses a rope material with leather splices at the handle and near the clip. It has a broken-in feel, and it’s very flexible.

The leash is durable and great for walking and training. It can handle dogs weighing up to 250 pounds, so it’s more than enough for most Rottweilers. The clip is about three inches long, and it can hook to a variety of collars and harnesses.

You can choose between a four-foot and six-foot leash, and it comes in different colors. That way, you can match the leash to your dog’s collar, or you can choose a style you like. The rope material is comfortable to hold, so you can hold just the handle, or you can bring your dog close to you.

You can throw the leash in the wash, and you can let it air dry. During walks, it’s great because it’s waterproof.


  • Versatile
  • Great for adult Rottweilers
  • Handles pulling
  • Comfortable material
  • Strong


  • Somewhat slippery
  • The clip isn’t the best quality

Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash

If you want to keep your hands open when walking your dog, consider the Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash. You can wrap the belt around you, and you can adjust it. The other end has a clip to attach to your dog’s collar so that you can keep them near you.

This bungee leash gives you and your dog a bit more freedom, and it won’t shock you as much when your dog starts to pull. If your dog does pull, you can use the two handles on the leash to get your dog’s attention. The longer handle is great for a bit of control, and the shorter handle keeps your dog even closer.

A hands-free leash is great for taking walks or training your dog. It’s also an excellent tool if you want to take your dog on a run. That way, you can focus more on your exercise, and your dog can stay by your side.

The belt features a sliding clip, so your dog can move side to side. You won’t have to worry about the belt moving on you, and you and your dog won’t get tangled up.


  • Flexible
  • Has handles when necessary
  • Bungee reduces shock when pulling
  • Extends four to five feet
  • Different colors


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Doesn’t last long

Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Nylon Dog Leash

The Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Nylon Dog Leash is another great option for people who want a traditional style leash. It features nylon with high-density webbing, so it’s durable and can handle dogs of all sizes.

You can use the leash on walks or when training, and you can choose from different colors. That makes it easy to match the leash to your dog’s collar or harness. It works well throughout the year, so you don’t have to switch out the leash each season.

This leash is great for young Rottweilers and smaller adults. However, it’s not as great for larger adult Rottweilers. Even the largest size can only handle up to about 90 pounds. Still, it’s an excellent tool to use when your dog isn’t too big for it.

You can hold the leash by the handle, but you can also pull your dog closer to you. While there isn’t a second handle, the nylon is flexible enough to hold.


  • High-quality
  • Flexible
  • Versatile
  • Great for younger and smaller Rottweilers
  • Affordable


  • Not for large Rottweilers
  • Easy to chew through

Carhartt Tradesman Dog Leash

The Carhartt Tradesman Dog Leash is a great option for adult Rottweilers. It uses nylon webbing and a duck canvas weave to make the leash durable. This leash comes with a trigger claw clasp and an extra gated clip, so you can choose the clip you want to use.

You can use the slotted D-ring to hold poop bags or other accessories, so you can use your hands to hold the leash while on a walk. That way, you can maintain more control over your dog, and you don’t have to use a hand anything other than the leash.

The leash features a reflective triple needle stitch, so it adds a bit of visibility in low lighting. It’s a great option if you like to go walking at night. But you can also use the leash for a walk in the middle of the day.

You can choose between a few colors, such as black and orange. The leash also comes in two sizes, with the large size having a thicker leash. However, both sizes are the same length.


  • Great for bigger Rottweilers
  • Versatile
  • Different colors and sizes
  • Works well at night
  • Features a D-ring


  • Can rip easily
  • Metal attachments are heavy


While there are many leashes out there, you should choose the right one for your dog. To help you choose, here are the answers to some common questions.

What Is the Best Type of Leash for a Rottweiler?

Leather leashes are very durable, and they’re comfortable for you to hold. Fabric and nylon leashes are also great for those reasons. You can choose a shorter leash to keep your dog close, or you can get a longer leash for more freedom.

Chain leashes are great for dogs who chew through every fabric or leather leash. But they’re not the most comfortable if you need to bring your dog close to you. They do have a fabric or leather handle, but the chain can be hard to hold.

Should You Use a Collar or Harness?

Regardless of the leash you choose, you should consider if you want to hook it to a collar or harness. A harness can offer more control over your dog. When your dog uses a collar, they can still pull a bit before they feel the leash’s pressure.

A harness can also distribute the pressure over your dog’s body, rather than all in their neck. That can be good for a smaller Rottweiler puppy. But a collar can be good if you don’t want to add extra gear to your dog when you take them on a walk.

What Can You Do to Keep Your Rottweiler from Pulling?

Even the best leash can make it hard to stop your Rottweiler’s pulling tendencies. Luckily, you can do some training to keep your dog’s impulses under control. Start training your dog early, and focus on leash training.

Be ready when something may cause your dog to pull. You can stop the pulling by pulling back, and you can use treats. Whenever your dog stops pulling, you can reward your dog with a treat or affection. That way, your dog won’t be as tempted.

Does a Rottweiler Need a New Leash as an Adult?

Depending on the leash you get when your Rottweiler is a puppy, you may need to get a new leash. Some leashes can only withstand so much weight or force, and you’ll need a stronger leash when your dog reaches their adult weight.

However, you can look for a strong, durable leash when your dog is young. Then, you can use the same leash until it starts to wear out.


The best leash for your Rottweiler depends on many factors. Be sure to consider a few leashes to make the best decision for you and your dog.

If you find the first leash you get doesn’t work well, you can switch it out. That way, you can maintain control over your dog while still giving them some freedom to explore.

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