Best Leather Dog Collars | The Ultimate Buyers Guide


The best value

Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar

  • Handmade by Amish craftsman in the USA
  • Lambskin leather for a soft and supple feel
  • Reasonable cost for a collar that is built to last

  • If you buy quality, you only buy once.

    There must be truth behind the saying, as where there's smoke there's fire right?

    Leather dog collars just have a look and feel that manage to convey a timeless style. And, unlike nylon collars, they are built to last a lifetime.

    Sara Redding Ochoa | Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine

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    Unfortunately, there are many “leather-like” collars on the market that just don’t cut the mustard. They often break easily and do not fare well if exposed to wet weather conditions.

    On the other hand, well-made leather collars just get better over the years. This is particularly true if you follow a few simple guidelines for care. (We will give you some tips in this article.) A great leather collar will get softer and more supple while maintaining strength for well over a decade.  

    This review takes a look at 5 dog collars made from genuine leather covering a variety of sizes, styles and colors. Plus, we included some bonus picks of complimentary leather leads so you can find a complete set.

    An Overview | Top Quality Leather Dog Collars





    Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar

    • Handmade by Amish craftsman in the USA
    • Lambskin leather for a soft and supple feel
    • Reasonable cost for a collar that is built to last

    BlackJacks Extra Wide Leather Dog Collar

    • Extra heavy duty build with thick leather and metal hardware
    • Available in extra wide for heavy pullers and giant breeds
    • Comes in two colors: Rich mahogany and black

    OmniPet Signature Leather Dog Collar

    • Sizes that go down small enough for even toy breeds such as Chihuahua, Pugs, and Poms
    • Genuine leather, double layered
    • Very inexpensive, particularly for the quality

    OmniPet Leather Studded Dog Collar

    • Genuine leather, double layered and sturdy stitching
    • Real nickel studs and hardware
    • Fantastic price point

    GoTags Embroidered Leather Collar

    • Customize the bold lettering with your contact information for safety
    • Outstanding choice for hunting dogs and escape artists
    • 2 color leathers, 15 thread colors to choose from

    Caring for Your Leather Dog Collar

    It is a common misconception that leather goods require a ton of work to keep nice. In fact, they really only take a quick clean and conditioning a few times a year to stay nice. And, they become better with age as the leather starts to soften with regular use.

    Here is all you need to do to make sure your gear stays in great condition for the life of the product:

    • Wipe with a damp cloth to knock off dirt or mud if it gets especially dirty from a romp in the woods.
    • Twice annually, use a special saddle soap designed for maintaining horse tack to give the collar a deep clean with a product that won’t strip it of natural oils.
    • After cleaning with saddle soap, use leather conditioner by applying a light coat and allowing the gear to rest for 24 hours so it can soak in (to keep it from getting on your dog’s skin).

    Qualities To Look For In Premium Leather Gear For Your Dog

    Top Grain or Full Grain Leather

    These labels refer to two different finishing techniques on leather goods. Both indicate that the product is made with genuine leather, and both have their advantages when it comes to dog collars.

    Top grain leather tends to have a more refined look because the surface of the hide has been finished by a sanding process that removes imperfections from this natural material. It is usually dyed and then treated so that the surface is smooth and glossy with a high end look. It tends to be less porous than full grain leather, making it a bit more stain resistant.

    Full Grain leather has less processing. It tends to be a fair bit stronger, particularly over the lifetime of the product. It is a favorite choice for leashes since they are put under more stress and need the extra strength (for larger dogs, that is).

    Full Grain leather tends to develop a better patina over the course of a lifetime. It readily absorbs oils, for example from skin, and it just gets softer and softer over the years.

    The Pros & Cons of Padded Leather Dog Collars

    One of the features you will notice among the selections in this category is a padded interior. There are a few advantages to this style. The first is that it is more comfortable for your dog. And, it can provide some protection against chaffing which can be important for short haired dogs or strong pullers.

    Many manufacturers, including two we have featured, are now using the padded lining to create a sharp two-tone effect which really bumps up the style points.

    However, the main downside of the padded models is longevity. Even if well made, the softer leather used for the liner is likely to wear out long before the tougher leather outer.

    And, if they get soaked (for example from swimming) the padding can get saturated, causing it to trap moisture against the skin if not promptly removed to dry. If you have a regular swimmer on your hands, you may want to use a nylon collar for their fun water games.

    Nickel, Brass or Stainless Steel Hardware

    Look for collars with these metals used in the construction. While each has a different look, they are all sturdy and rust resistant. Avoid gear that either doesn’t specify the metal used (often in these cases a cheap base metal is used which is then coated), or plastic clips.

    How To Properly Size Your Dog Collar

    Before spending your money, be sure to take some accurate measurements to get the right size. If you have a tailor’s measuring tape, great. But if not, you can always use a piece of string, then lay it out flat to measure against a ruler.

    You will want to measure around the place on the neck where the collar will lay, usually near the base of the neck. You want your tape, or string, to be snug but not tight. Then, chose the size with the best range on either side of the measurement you chose.

    When you are at the edge of two ranges, always go larger. While it is possible to poke a new hole to go tighter than the collar is designed for, it is often impossible to make it looser.

    When fitting, you should be able to slide two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. Collars that are too tight will cause discomfort, chaffing, and can even restrict your canine’s breathing when they are active. Too loose and the collar will slip right off if used with a leash.

    Know When To Use A Harness

    Are you shopping for a leather collar to use for leash walks? You may be interested to know that many vets and professional dog trainers recommend the use of dog harnesses over collars for leash walking.

    This is particularly true for brachycephalic breeds (the ones with short faces such as Pugs and French Bulldogs). Collars can interfere with breathing for these breeds who already have compromised airways thanks to their stubby little faces. 

    Another time to really consider a harness is if you have a short legged dog, such as Dachshunds or Basset Hounds. Their short legs seems to be a recipe for an increase in spinal injuries, including but not limited to Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD). 

    Finally, if you have a strong puller on your hands, an escape proof harness may be the safest way to walk her. Although a leather collar may be fine for keeping her ID and rabies tags on at all times, regular pulling puts too much pressure on the delicate neck area. That choking sound you hear? Not a good sound!

    Plus, strong pullers will eventually learn how to back out of a collar. Now you have a dog on the loose! Not a good situation if you are near traffic or other dangerous hazards.

    Best Leather Dog Collars

    Our Top Pick – Best Leather Collar All Around

    Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar

    Our top selection is a handmade leather dog collar that has a surprising price point for excellent overall value on gear that is built to last. It is made in the USA by Amish craftsman and features richly dyed lambskin leather for a soft and supple feel and superior looks.

    The interior of this collar is padded and dyed in a contrasting color that really makes it pop. They have both black (featured above) as well as a dark brown collection, each with their own options for a total of twelve complimentary colorways to choose from. And, matching leashes are also available for a separate purchase if you want the complete look.

    The padding is double stitched, and the brass hardware is securely attached. This gear offers a truly classic style without sacrificing on personality or worrying about shoddy construction. You will feel the quality of this collar in the hand, and you can expect it to last for years and years if properly cared for.

    And, it bears repeating, the price point is very reasonable considering the craftsmanship and quality materials used for this dog collar. No wonder it made our number one position!

    • Handmade by Amish craftsman in the USA
    • Lambskin leather for a soft and supple feel
    • Reasonable cost for a collar that is built to last
    • 12 color selections to choose from
    • Padded for your dog’s comfort
    • Brass hardware
    • Double stitching for durability
    • Matching leashes for the complete look
    • Large selection of sizes for all but toy breeds
    • Padded leather is not the best choice for swimming since it can get soaked and then crack when dried

    BONUS: If you love the style and great features of the Perri’s leather collar, but are looking for something in more of a tan or lighter brown, we recommend you check out the options offered by Soft Touch. The quality and price points are similar (this was a hard choice for us!) but Soft Touch offers a few additional colors in the earth tone range that might work better for your pooch.

    Best Leather Collar for Large Breed Dogs

    BlackJacks Extra Wide Leather Dog Collar

    This basic leather dog collar may look plain, but there are some stand out features to pay attention to.

    First, it comes in several widths: 1”, 1.25”, 1.5”, and 2”. It is the last size, the extra wide, that we thought our readers needed to know about. Wider dog collars are perfect for large and giant breed dogs. Or, dogs with extra big heads. (Yes, Rottweilers, we are talking about you!)

    In addition, the extra width can help distribute weight for those heavy pullers, providing some protection against a damaged windpipe that can happen when using a collar with powerful dogs that lack basic leash training.

    Plus, the manufacturer has strength tested this collar for up to 2,000 pounds of pressure. No chance even your big bruiser is going to break this collar!

    Side by side hook holes also give this design some extra strength. And, it is made from thick, top grain leather. With no padding or extra stitching, the simple design is great for all weather wear. It will soak up the natural oils from your dog’s coat and simply get better with age.

    Check out our guide for more information on the top rated leather dog collars for pitbulls.

    • Extra heavy duty build with thick leather and metal hardware
    • Available in extra wide for heavy pullers and giant breeds
    • Comes in two colors: Rich mahogany and black
    • All connection points are riveted for a sturdy build
    • Plain, understated look for that “too tough for frills” style
    • Double pronged buckle for extra strength and security
    • Limited color range
    • Does not come in smaller sizes for toy breeds
    • A little pricier than more decorative types of leather dog collars

    Best Leather Dog Collar for Toy and Small Breed Dogs

    OmniPet Signature Leather Dog Collar

    Small leather collars with toy breeds in mind are hard to come by. Sure, there are lots of options at first glance, but closer inspection often reveals a cheap “pleather,” fake, or thin leather composite that is going to fall apart the first time it gets wet.

    Seems like many manufacturers think that toy breeds are all form and no function. Not so with this selection by OmniPet.

    This leather collar for toy breeds features two layers of genuine leather that are double stitched together, with metal hardware that is attached securely with grommets. It is the real deal for your pocket pooch.

    Although this small leather dog collar comes in a larger length to fit bigger dogs, it is under an inch wide. This makes it too slim to be effective with any dog over 40 pounds in our opinion. Go for a different style if you have a larger pooch, especially if he is a puller.

    Choose from 4 bright colors: Pink, blue, black and red. And, they have cute chain leashes with matching leather handles for those that want to complete the look.

    Little dogs can are often associated with anxiousness and nervousness, It's understandable when they're being towered over by all the big dogs. If your pup shows these signs then check out this review of the adaptil calming pheromone collar, might just do the trick and can be used with a regular collar.

    • Sizes that go down small enough for even toy breeds such as Chihuahua, Pugs, and Poms
    • Genuine leather, double layered
    • Very inexpensive, particularly for the quality
    • 4 vibrant colors, perfect for multiple dog households
    • Nickel hardware attached with sturdy grommets
    • Made in the USA
    • Too narrow for larger breeds or strong pullers

    Best Leather Stud Collar for Dogs

    OmniPet Leather Studded Dog Collar

    Some dog’s personalities simply require a little bit of flash, and this studded leather dog collar is definitely worth checking out. While many collars with studs are mostly decorative, and, let’s face it, more of a novelty…not so with this choice.

    First, it is made of genuine leather. The studs are real metal (not chrome colored plastic). Second, the collar is lined with a second layer of leather so that the grommets won’t get hung up in your dog’s fur for a comfortable wear for even the most active dogs.

    This gear is handcrafted in the USA and features nickel hardware for durability that you can count on. And, the price is definitely right. There really isn’t any reason to go with a flimsier gimmick leather collar with studs.

    More than one dog in your pack? Choose between 4 bright colors so everyone gets their own. Now that is a punk pack that will get some looks on the street!

    • Genuine leather, double layered and sturdy stitching
    • Real nickel studs and hardware
    • Fantastic price point
    • Wide range of sizes to fit almost any dog
    • 4 great colors to choose from
    • Made in the USA
    • Studs aren’t the best choice for muddy outdoor play just because they can trap dirt and make it a bit harder to keep clean

    Best Personalized Leather Dog Collar

    GoTags Embroidered Leather Collar

    Personalized leather dog collars are the right choice for some dog owners. It is more than just having a custom leather dog collar – for some dogs this is important for safety.

    For example, many hunting dogs are allowed to run off leash in the woods and sometimes get off on a scent trail. Or, many folks have escape artists that get out of the backyard fence every now and then.

    Sure, your dog may have ID tags. However, unless someone is able to get close enough to get a hold of the collar, something few dogs will let a stranger do, they may not be helpful in terms of letting folks know how to get in touch with you.

    This collar features bright embroidery that has your dog’s name and your phone number on it in bold lettering that can be read from a distance. This way, if your dog manages to get lost out of bounds, helpful neighbors can call your cell phone and alert you to his whereabouts. It’s major peace of mind!

    This leather collar is a simple design that comes in either red or brown leather. You can choose to have embroidered lettering in 15 different color options. Unfortunately, it only goes down to 14” on the small end, so it won’t work for toy breeds.

    • Customize the bold lettering with your contact information for safety
    • Outstanding choice for hunting dogs and escape artists
    • 2 color leathers, 15 thread colors to choose from
    • Genuine full-grain Italian leather construction
    • Good value for quality dog gear
    • Stainless steel hardware
    • Not available in small sizes for toy breeds

    BONUS PICKS: Leather Leashes!

    If you are going to splurge on a leather dog collar, why not go for the complete look? We wanted our readers to be sure to know about these leashes which would make a gorgeous set with any of the collars featured in our review.

    Perri's Padded Dog Leash

    If you chose our top pick by Perri’s for a padded leather dog collar, this lead will match and really help those two-tone colors pop from a distance. It features a padded lambskin handle as well as padding added for reinforcement near the lead attachment point.

    Like the collar by Perri’s, this leash is handcrafted by the Amish in the USA. The hardware is stainless steel and the interior padded leather is a very supple lambskin leather. The quality is definitely there to justify the investment.

    You really won’t find much better if you are looking for a showy, classy style. There are about a dozen color combinations available – making this an excellent choice for households with a pack of pooches.

    Soft Touch Braided Leash

    This is quality leather dog gear made with full grain leather with a sturdy thickness. The section near the collar attachment is braided, and the handle is padded and lined with sheepskin leather for a luxurious, comfortable feel.

    The hardware is lacquered brass which is tough, rust proof, and lends a classic look to this lead. It comes in colors that line up with the Soft Touch collars featured in this review – subtle earth tones that convey stately style. Beveled edges with a contrast stain really add up to a high-end look as well.

    A nice feature of the Soft Touch leashes is that they come in both ½” and ¾” widths. If you have a toy breed, go for the thinner option for a lighter touch that won’t weigh your pocket pooch down.

    Logical Heavy Duty Dog Leash

    If your primary concern is finding heavy duty leather goods for your powerful puller, then be sure to check out this extra thick leash from Logical Leather. It is over 3mm thick for a serious leash build to last a lifetime.

    Keep in mind that this is a somewhat heavy leash, making it an unlikely match for small breed dogs. It is made with military grade materials with working dogs in mind. And, it is handcrafted by leatherworkers in the USA for an overall excellent quality that you will be able to rely on.

    It comes in basic black or brown and has a simple, understated look that will never go out of style. Keep in mind that it is a 6 foot length, making it ideal for a close walk, but not leaving much room for a leisurely walk with more room for full on sniffing adventures.


    We hope this guide gave you the information you need to decide which is the best leather dog collar for your needs. In addition, we hope you learned more about how to care for and protect your investment in high end dog gear.

    Although our primary concern was quality, we wanted to offer a range of styles and sizes so that every dog lover can find the perfect gear for their canine companion. No matter if you have a giant breed or a toy, a simple style or a need for flare, we tried to make sure you would find something just right for your needs.

    Feel free to check back and leave a comment to let our readers know about your experience with any of the products featured in this review of the best leather dog collars.

    And, if you want periodic updates on the latest dog products, nutrition, and training advice, be sure to subscribe to WileyPup on social media using the links below.

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