Blue Dog Bakery Review

Blue Dog Bakery Treats Review - Are They Safe?

Dog treats are a great tool for every pet parent. They can help with training, help you bond with your pooch, and also provide a healthy addition to your pet’s diet, that is. If they are made with quality ingredients, that is. So, what about Blue Dog Bakery dog treats? What are they made of? Are they good for your dog? We’ll try to answer this question for you with our Blue Dog Bakery review.

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Summary: Blue Dog Bakery Treats

  • Quality ingredients
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Plenty of options to suit dogs of all shapes and sizes
Blue Dog Bakery Beef Sticks

Blue Dog Treats Review

Dogs seem to love Blue Dog Bakery treats. However, dogs also seem to love some of the worst dog treats full of fillers and artificial flavorings. Luckily, this is not the case with Blue Dog Bakery. We’ve considered the nutritional value, the quality of ingredients, as well as the variety Blue Dog Bakery offers in terms of size and texture of their dog treats. All in all, these treats definitely get the highest score from us. Here is a detailed overview:

Taste 5/5

Of course, we can’t really know how these treats taste to dogs. However, in our experience and that of many pet parents that have shared their reviews online, the dogs seem to love the treats from Blue Dog Bakery.

Blue Dog Bakery actually makes a variety of treats, including biscuits, soft treats and meat treats. The meat treats, like the chicken sticks or bites, are made entirely of meat so there is no wonder why dogs love them. For the rest of their treats, though, it seems that Blue Dog Bakery has put in extra effort to make the treats likable to dogs.

When it comes to biscuits, for example, their More Flavors Assorted Dog Treats pack includes as many as 4 different flavors (featuring cheese, peanut butter, and grilled chicken). All of this is achieved without any artificial preservatives or flavors - definitely 5/5 in our books.

To be honest, these cookies look and taste like quality biscuits one would make for human use. Almost everyone we know who has seen them in person found the smell enticing. And some people have gone even further.

“I read the ingredients and there was nothing on the ingredient label that wasn't human quality, so I tried it and it was really good.”, says a fan of the Blue Dog Bakery Peanut Butter & Molasses treats in an interview for the Chicago Tribune (1).

Nutrition 5/5

In general, the Blue Dog Bakery treats are good, well-balanced snacks. They are made with quality wholesome ingredients without any artificial additives like artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives that are often used in some other dog treats. They also contain no fillers like corn or soy.

To be fair, their biscuits do contain a fair amount of grains. However, despite the rising popularity of grain-free dog food, experts say eating grains in moderation can be actually good for dogs (2). Moreover, Blue Dog Bakery tends to include nutritious grains like oats and whole wheat flour. Finally, if you prefer your dog treats grain-free, you can also get those from Blue Dog Bakery. We loved that they include pea flour and chickpea flour instead of grains, which makes the biscuits’ protein content even higher.

Overall, these treats are made with healthy ingredients and provide a well-balanced snack. Whether you choose biscuits with grains, grain-free biscuits, or a meat snack is completely up to you.

Variety 5/5

One of the best things about Blue Dog Bakery dog treats is that they come in all shapes and sizes. They offer everything from fairly large biscuits (that you can break in smaller bits if you want to, though) to tiny soft bites called Perfect Trainers.

They also offer treats with different textures, so you can always find something your dog would like. Crunchy, chewy, or soft, there is something for anyone. If your dog is old or has chewing problems for any other reason, choose the soft treats. On the other hand, if your dog loves crunchy treats, go with Blue Dog Bakery biscuits instead.

dog being trained and rewarded with treats

Do Not Buy Blue Dog Bakery Treats If…

Your dog is diabetic

Unfortunately, all of the Blue Dog Bakery Treats contain trace amounts of sugar. This is not a bad thing in itself. Small amounts of sugar are often used in dog treats for better texture and as a preservative. Moreover, Blue Dog Bakery does try to make it the healthiest version of sugar possible. Their biscuits, for example, contain cane molasses and blackstrap molasses, which can actually have health benefits for dogs (3). If your dog is diabetic, though, this type of treat should be avoided.

“Treats between meals are OK, as long as they’re low in sugar and carbohydrates. Avoid snacks that list syrup, molasses, fructose, dextrose, or maltose on the ingredients label.” - FETCH by WebMD

In this case, you might want to consider getting some dog treats that don’t contain any sugar, like the Darford Zero/G Roasted Lamb Dog Treats or the Hanzi Pets Antarctic Krill Chews.

Your dog is allergic or sensitive to some of the ingredients

Actually, if your dog has food allergies that you know of, never buy any dog treats without checking the ingredient list first. You never know what might be hiding in there. In the case of Blue Dog Bakery treats, though, you’ll probably be able to find something that suits your dog. None of their treats contain fillers like corn or soy, for example. There is a grain-free version of their biscuits too. These biscuits do contain both dairy and eggs, so that’s something to keep in mind if your dog is sensitive to those. If this is the case, though, you could always go with some of the Blue Dog Bakery meat treats.

The Verdict: Are Blue Dog Bakery Treats Any Good?

Dog treats can be really similar to what junk food is to humans. They are often cheap, made with low-quality ingredients, and the dogs seem to love them. It’s even worse when you find expensive dog treats under a fancy brand name, but if you look at the back of the bag, you discover the contents are nothing but grains, preservatives, and mysterious animal products.

Luckily, this is not the case with Blue Dog Bakery products. These treats are made with quality ingredients, and you can always see exactly what you are giving to your dog since all the ingredients are clearly listed on the packaging. We found these treats are quite good and definitely one of the best you can get for the price.


Are Blue Dog Bakery treats safe?

Yes, the Blue Dog Bakery treats are completely safe for dogs. Of course, some dogs can have specific allergies or be sensitive to specific ingredients. However, all the ingredients that Blue Dog Bakery uses in their treats are listed on the packaging, so you know exactly what you are feeding your dog.

Was there ever a recall of Blue Dog Bakery treats?

No, there was never a recall of Blue Dog Bakery treats. Apparently, there was a rumor started by a suspicious article that was talking about dog deaths, but actually just listed Blue Dog Bakery as one of dog foods containing glycerine. Glycerine is often used in dog food as a preservative and sweetener and is completely safe for dogs.

Are Blue Dog Bakery treats good for dogs?

Yes, all Blue Dog Bakery treats are a good supplement to a healthy dog’s diet. Just like with any kind of treats, they should be taken in moderation and shouldn’t make up your dog’s whole meal plan, but if used appropriately they are definitely good for dogs.

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