Dog Breeds

Over thousands of years, people have selectively bred different canine breeds to thrive in different environments and perform vital helper tasks. Some were bred to hunt, haul, or herd. Still others were prized for their sweet natures and wonderful companionship. 

Although some breeds are ancient, others have a surprisingly modern history. Regardless of how old each breed is, each has their own size, coloration, temperament, and special health considerations as a result of selective breeding.

At Wileypup, we love to celebrate the wonderful diversity of different dog breeds through our informative dog breed guides. Whether you want to learn more about the lineage of your mixed breed dog, or have a passion for a specific pure breed, our guides are thorough, well researched, and fun to read. 

We are also big believers in rescuing dogs in need of a good home as well as responsible breeding practices. Our guides not only help you learn about different dog breeds, but also offer tips on how to find a puppy in your area from rescue organizations or breeders you can trust. Check out our main page for more dog breed info​​​.

Mix Breeds

Mutts! Here at Wileypup, we LOVE ‘em! 

These days they are some fancy names for our mixed breed canine companions: Designer dogs, hybrids, and crossbreeds. No matter what you call them, finding out if a certain dog is right for your family just got easier. 

Our mixed breed dog guides include a detailed look at each parent breed including the breed history, temperament, size, coloration, life expectancy, and important health issues to be aware of. 

In addition, our articles take a close look at what you can expect from each hybrid combination with helpful tips to help you decide which one is right for your lifestyle. 

Whether you live in an apartment or a large ranch, are looking for a kid friendly mutt or a K9 that would make an excellent guard dog, our crossbreed articles will make sure you find a great fit! 

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Pure Breeds

Would you like to learn more about a specific dog breed before you purchase a new puppy? We want you to have the information you need to make sure the next canine addition to your pack will find their fur-ever home. 

Perhaps you are looking for a pocket sized companion dog who will travel well and get along with other dogs. Or, maybe you are looking for an intimidating guard dog who is wary of strangers. Then again, it’s possible you want to participate in dog sports, such as agility, and want to find a purebred dog to make the most of athletic competition. 

Our in-depth dog breed guides are your resource for learning about your favorite purebreds! 

Before you decide on a purebred dog, learn about:

  • The history of the breed, including what jobs they were bred to do
  • Their temperament, ease of training, and important behavioral considerations
  • What to expect in terms of size, coat, and appearance
  • Common health problems to be aware of
  • Which lifestyles are ideal for certain breeds, and which aren’t a good fit

Stay tuned! We plan on adding lots more informative dog breeds articles to our library soon! 

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