Canine Psychology

When you understand how your dog thinks and learns, you can gain insight into how to address problematic behaviors. This section of our website includes articles that are designed to give you valuable Tips & Advice on why your dog does some of the silly things she does…as well as what to do about it! 

Turns out, most of the strange things dogs do actually do have an underlying cause that we can understand if we learn to see their world from a dog’s point of view. 

For example, some people see problem barking as a sign of dog aggression. This leads some to think that disciplining their dog will help them “learn their place” and stop barking. However, when we understand that problem barking is usually a sign that a smart dog is bored or lonely, we realize the solution to this annoying behavior is to provide more mental, physical, and social stimulation. 

Click through the articles below to learn more about what is going on in your canine companion’s head! 

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