Dog Training

In the last 20 years, the dominant models of dog training have shifted from so-called “dominance” based theories to those based on positive reinforcement. 

Here at Wileypup, we are firmly on the side of the more modern positive training techniques endorsed by animal behaviorists and most professional animal trainers today. These positive training techniques are also backed by countless research studies done by experts in the field of animal learning!

By harnessing the power of reward to shape behavior, you can build a bond of trust with your dog while also teaching her how to learn. Once she gets the hang of giving you behaviors for rewards, you will have a dog that is excited to learn new things and an enthusiastic participant in training sessions. 

Click below to learn more about positive training techniques, such as clicker training, along with a closer look at some specific behavioral issues and their simple training solutions. Plus we have plenty more Tips & Advice to offer.

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