Dog Treats

Every dog deserves healthy treats! They are a great way to reward great behavior during training sessions as well as just letting your pampered pooch know she is loved. 

However, many commercial dog treats are packed with unhealthy preservatives and artificial flavorings. If you happen to live near a dog boutique, you may already know that organic and whole food dog treats are all the rage at doggie bakeries. Unfortunately, although often healthy and delicious, these treats are very expensive. 

Our dog treat articles will give you some healthy recipes that you can cook from home to make delectable and nutrient dense dog treats for a fraction of the cost of those on the shelves. 

And, since you control the ingredients, you can choose dog treat recipes that suit your canine companion’s unique dietary nutritional needs such as low fat, limited ingredient, or grain free. 

We will be adding more dog treat recipes soon so consider subscribing to our blog to get updates! 

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