Health & Wellness​

Health and Wellness is a two way street when it comes to our canine companions. First, they add to our wellbeing by improving human health and supporting people with special needs as service and therapy dogs. Second, we want to provide the best for their long term health and quality of life. After all, they do so much for us! 

Here at Wileypup, we think both aspects of health deserve attention. This section of our website is jam packed with Canine Tips & Advice, through well researched articles so that you can learn more about:

  • Research backed ways dogs benefit human health
  • Health information for dogs including: Hydration, supplements, and exercise needs
  • Much more!

Click on one of the articles below to learn more. Or, if you are interested in browsing all of our health and wellness articles, click the button below to see the full collection. 

CBD Oil for Dogs (2022 Reviewed) – The Science Behind this Pet Health Trend
CBD Oil for dogs is a holistic approach to a number of canine health related issues. Check out this guide to learn more!