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The Editorial Team

The editorial team at handles the primary task of researching, writing, reviewing, publishing and fact checking canine related information, products & guides, with the goal of making them easy to understand and implement.

Sharon Elber, M.S. – Professional Dog Trainer and Lead Author

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Sharon has been a dog lover her entire life and has spent much of the last 15 years developing her expertise working with her own dogs. Her current dog, Mr. Fuzzy Beans (Beans for short) is a pitbull-hound mix rescue dog. She has also worked as a professional dog trainer (she prefers to think of it as training people to effectively communicate with their dogs), as an assistant manager at a doggy daycare facility, and assistant trainer on a Flyball team.

Sharon advocates the use of positive reinforcement techniques, such as clicker training, to help dogs learn appropriate behavior and to build their confidence. She also believes in providing strong leadership to our canine companions by setting firm boundaries and learning to enforce them consistently and humanely.

Sharon received her M.S. in Science and Technology Studies from Virginia Tech in 2008. Her academic background enables her to weed through the latest research to provide up to date and accurate analysis of the latest in pet health, behavior, training and products

Dr. Sara Ochoa, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine – Wileypup Veterinarian Advisor 

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Sara Redding Ochoa, DVM was Raised in Calhoun, LA, she knew since she was a little girl that her dream was to become a veterinarian. Dr. Ochoa attended Louisiana Tech for her undergraduate school, and then attended St. George University to complete veterinary school.

After veterinarian school Dr. Ochoa moved to east Texas has been a small animal an exotic veterinarian.  She lives happily with her husband Greg and her babies Ruby the schnoodle, Monkey the tortoise and Oliver James “OJ” the cat. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling the world with her husband, baking, and taking Ruby shopping.

Sara reviews all content to ensure the advice provided is medically sound, up to date and accurate.

Dr. Kathryn Rosalie Dench, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine – Wileypup Veterinarian Advisor 

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Rosalie is a British veterinary surgeon who qualified from Cambridge University in 2007. She has over ten years' experience working in small animal clinics and is passionate about animal health and welfare. 

Rosalie involved in charity work with endangered wildlife, including orangutans and sun-bears, and has co-authored a book chapter on orangutan diseases.

Rosalie has reviewed and endorsed's tips & advice content to ensure the information provided is medically sound, up to date and accurate.

Vedrana Nikolić, Professional Writer, Anthropologist & Dog Lover - Wileypup Author

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Vedrana Nikolić (B.A. in Cultural Anthropology) is a writer, anthropologist & a dog lover.

Currently pursuing a MA degree in Semiotics studying, among other things, the communication between animals and humans.

In 2014 Micketa, then a 1-year old rescue pointer and pit bull mix walked into her life and remained the most faithful companion ever since.

At Wileypup she combines her skills for research and writing with her love for dogs to provide you with the latest news from the canine world.

The Marketing Team

Mat Coulton, B.Comm – Marketing and Wileypup Founder

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Mat was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and has grown up with dogs his whole life. In late 2015 he rescued a shelter dog called Daze as a 20 week old Kelpie x Cattle Dog pup from rural New South Wales. 

Daze had a tough early life. His fear towards humans and certain breeds of dogs was only matched by his love for those that took the time to understand him. Helping Daze grow was a life changing experience for Mat. Daze became the inspiration behind Wileypup. 

Mat wanted to combine his business education and entrepreneurial experience with his love for dogs. He decided to build a website that would share expert training tips, the latest information on pet nutrition, and honest reviews of the best pet products to help other dog lovers do the best for their pets. Wileypup was born!

Mat received his Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Macquarie University in 2012, he also holds a Diploma in Human Resource Management from Northern Beaches College.

Kristina Angelova - Wileypup Professional Photographer

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Kristina is Wileypup's professional photographer and shoots the different types of gear that are reviewed by our team of dog trainers and vet advisers.

She started studying photography in London and then graduated as an artist-photographer.

In the early spring of 2021, Kristina and her husband adopted the puppy Klara. She is a three colored Scenthound who loves to play and run wild.

Kristina remembers her dream as a child of having a dog, but was not able to have one. She dropped the dream and instead in the past she has had a guinea pig, rabbits, cats and a ferret. Now she shares: “It is a must to achieve at least some of your child’s dreams – it brings you such a great fulfillment and hope”. Nowadays, she and the dog share their passion for travelling in the nature and exploring Earth.

Kristina loves to capture meaningful stories and to show different aspects of life with her camera. Together with Klara, they create photographs that reveal the beauty and essence of dog’s life.

Ilona Krijgsman - Wileypup Professional Photographer

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Ilona is another one of Wileypup's professional photographer.

She has been a professional photographer since 2002. Animals and nature are her passion but the animal she loves the most are dogs. Each having their own unique personality and expressions she finds them fascinating to shoot and get to know.

Her current black lab puppy is the joy of her life.

Ilona sponsors animal foundations and volunteers to do dog photo shoots for free so that she can create postcards that are then donated to a number of animal foundations.

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