Pure Breeds

Wileypup appreciates the many pure breeds of dogs that have been developed over the last several centuries. Each of these breeds was developed with a specific purpose in mind, be that to help herding the flock, hunting bear, or keeping the feet of royalty warm at night. 

We have developed our pure breed dog guides to include a comprehensive look at what you might expect from a certain breed as they grow into adulthood. Our hope is that we will help people find a good fit for their lifestyle, preventing a situation where a dog needs to be rehomed. 

In addition, we want to help people learn more about what to look for in a responsible breeder so we can help to decrease the sale of puppies born into less than favorable conditions in backyard puppy mills. 

For example, did you know that many animal shelters regularly receive pure breed dogs that are in need of loving homes? Or that there are breed specific rescue organizations devoted to making sure certain breeds find homes where their needs will be met? Just a few facts about purebreed dogs that you will learn in our breed specific guides below! 

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