Sleekez Vs Furminator

Sleekez Vs Furminator - Defining The Differences 

Is your dog a problem shedder? You know the signs:

  • Your embarrassed when visitors come over and hesitate to sit on your fur infested couch.
  • Your embarrassed when visitors come over and hesitate to sit on your fur infested couch.
    Dust bunnies have turned into giant balls of fluff that seem to have a life of their own in hard to reach places.
  • People politely point out that your nice new black suit would look sharper if only it wasn’t covered in downy white fur from your Husky each spring.

Dr. Sara Redding Ochoa | Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine

Sara is Wileypup’s Veterinarian Adviser and helped compose this article to ensure the information is up to date and accurate. For more information on Sara click here

It’s time to get serious about finding the right tool to help your dog with problem shedding. You have already done your research and the same two tools keep coming up: The Furminator Deshedding Edge and the Sleekez Deshedding grooming tool.

So, which is better? 

Sleekez & FURminator are universally known as the best dog brushes for shedding.

This review will take a deep dive look at each of these tools, followed by a side-by-side comparison. Still not sure? Read on to find our analysis of which of these powerful grooming tools will be right for your furry friend.

Finally, if you are new to using deshedding tools with your dog, go to the bottom of this article for some pro tips on how to use these brushes safely and effectively.  

Analysis: Sleekez Deshedding Grooming Tool

  • Good price point – relatively inexpensive for a solid product
  • Not as effective on extremely thick double coated breeds during the molting season
  • Great deshedding power for medium and short haired dogs
  • Excellent tool for weekly brushing during heavy shedding periods like spring and fall
  • Well made and simple construction without any parts that will fail over the long term
  • Made in the USA
  • Good for use on dogs with sensitive skin or those who have trouble sitting still for grooming
  • Easy to use and thick, ergonomic feel in the hand

At first glance, this tool doesn’t look like much. It is a piece of wood that has a small blade on one side that looks reminiscent of a saw blade. However, most customers swear by its effectiveness at removing fur before it gets loose all over your home.

The Sleekez works by gently pulling out the hairs from both the undercoat and the top coat that are already loose and ready to come out, without cutting any of the hair. It comes in three sizes (the large one is really made for horses) and could not be simpler to use.

The teeth of the Sleekez are not as long as that of the Furminator…but that makes it ideal for shorter haired breeds who, as owners of Labrador Retrievers can attest, still often struggle with problem shedding. The shorter teeth make it also the best choice for dogs who are sensitive to brushing.

One downside of this tool is that it does not hold the fur that it releases from the fur. We definitely recommend using this brush outside so the fur that is pulled from the undercoat will float away in the breeze rather than getting stuck in your carpet!

Analysis: Furminator Deshedding Edge Dog Brush

  • Outstanding performance when it comes to removing thick undercoat for double coated breeds like German Shepherds, Huskies, Malamutes, Chow Chows and more
  • Pricey: This tool is definitely an investment, but we think the price is worth it over cheap “look-alikes.”
  • Top quality build and a lifetime guarantee to back it up
  • Not really the right tool for short haired dogs such as Boxers, Pitbulls, or Jack Russel Terriers.
  • Well designed tool that is ergonomic and easy to handle
  • This powerful tool has fairly deep teeth on the comb and can irritate the skin of dogs if used too roughly.
  • Captures dead fur from the undercoat right on the comb, with a quick release button to quickly drop it in the trash
  • Sizes available to fit dogs tiny to giant
  • Much better than knock-off tools that make big promises but don’t deliver
  • Large and loyal fan base of customers who swear by this de-shedding tool for serious shedders

The Furminator is worth the money, and it performs better than most of the off-label similar style dog brushes on the market. This is especially true if you have a thick double coated breed who have a lot of loose undercoat when the weather turns warm in the spring.

For a complete breakdown of the FURminator deshedding brush, check out our guide here FURminator Reviews.

As the undercoat begins to loosen, this tool will reach down in deep and pull out the fur that is ready to release, keeping it from flying off in your house. Even better, the fur will get stuck to the teeth of the comb and every few brushes you can release it into a neat little ball of what is actually dead hair from your dog’s undercoat.

While you can toss it in the trash, consider putting it in the back yard instead: Birds building their spring nests will appreciate the favor!

Overall this is a tool that is well designed and does exactly what it is supposed to do. However, it really is more than what short haired dog owners really need. Unless your dog is a super heavy shedder, you may be better served by the Sleekez.

We do want to caution our readers that the Furminator is a serious, pro-grade deshedding brush for dogs. And, it really does need a little know-how to use it right.

If you decide to go for this option, here are a few tips for proper use:

Before Using the Furminator:

  • Properly wash, condition, and thoroughly dry your dog
  • Detangle your dog’s hair by brushing with a rubber brush
  • Use a to special de-matting brush remove any mats in your dog’s fur

During Your Deshedding Grooming Session:

  • Try not to go over the same area more than three times
  • Do not use excessive force as pressure of the teeth on the skin can harm your dog
  • Break your grooming session into several shorter sessions if your dog seems to be getting antsy
  • Reward during grooming with treats and praise

Comparing The Furminator & Sleekez: Side By Side Review

Both of these deshedding tools offer their own benefits. They are both high quality tools that can work miracles for people who struggle to keep their doggo’s shed off of the furniture, out of the car, and away from clothing.

However, whether the Furminator or the Sleekez is a better tool for your situation depends on a lot of different factors. The table below explores different scenarios using a grading system so you can tell, at a glance, which one is a better choice for your dog.




Effectiveness at removing undercoat fur









Customer Reviews



Easy to use safely as directed



Ability to collect and remove fur from brush



For use on sensitive dogs



For use on dogs with short hair



For use on dogs with thick medium or long fur



For use with heavy shedders with thick undercoats



For use on single long growth hair dogs such as Poodles, Shih Tzus, or Bearded Collies



Furminator Vs Sleekez Review: Which Deshedding Tool Is Best For Your Dog?

The Sleekez and the Furminator are the two most popular deshedding combs for dog on the market. And, we agree with the vast majority of customer reviews: They are both excellent options, quality made, and effective at reducing the amount of fur flying around in your house, particularly in the spring when the undercoat begins to shed.

Want to know what tool is best for your specific dog breed? Check out our guides below:

Best Brush For Australian Shepherds
Best Brush For Huskies

However, which tool is better comes down to your dog. Here’s how to decide which to buy for your dog:

Choose The Furminator If…..

  • You have a serious shedder with a thick undercoat that completely sheds a few times a year
  • You have a medium or long haired breed type such as a Golden Retriever or St. Bernard
  • You have a dog who is fairly tolerant of being brushed
  • You don’t mind a little bit of a learning curve in terms of using this tool properly
  • You need to do your brushing indoors, as this tool holds the dead fur that comes out as you go

Choose The Sleekez If….

  • You have a short haired dog who sheds a lot, with or without an undercoat
  • You have a sensitive dog who is already skittish about getting brushed
  • You want to save a little money over the Furminator
  • You can do your brushing outside, as this brush won’t do as good a job at holding the fur from each stroke

Do Not Use Either Tool If….

If you have a single long growth hair breed, that is a dog that grows long hair like human hair that regularly needs trimming, then a deshedding brush really isn’t the right tool. Instead, choose a quality slicker brush for your weekly grooming needs.

Properly wash, condition, & thoroughly dry your dog first.

Washing your dog before a grooming session is important. First, it starts to loosen the dead hairs from the undercoat that are ready to shed. This will make your grooming session more effective and productive.

In addition, the conditioner will act as a detangler, making it easier to pull out the loose hairs without ripping out hairs that are still quite attached to the skin.

In addition, bathing will loosen dander and dirt, removing it from the coat. This means when you brush through and make contact with the skin, you won’t be running the risk of driving dirt further into the skin while using deshedding tools.

Remove Tangles & mats before using a deshedding tool.

Before using any deshedding brush for dogs, make sure to thoroughly brush your dog to remove tangles. You can use a relatively cheap regular dog brush for this task. And, if your dog has a particularly thick coat, you may need to use a special dematting brush designed to cut out mats safely.

Never use a brush designed to deshed on mats as it can seriously harm your dog by ripping a chunk of living hair that is attached to a matted fur!

Use Your Sleekez Or Furminator Gently.

It is important to realize that both of these tools have relatively sharp points that are specifically designed to reach past the topcoat and grab the undercoat underneath. If you use too much pressure, you can scratch your dog’s skin and cause irritation.

In addition, try not to work the same area more than 3 times during a single session, again, to minimize the risk of irritating the skin. Keep in mind that you only want to remove the undercoat that is already ready to release, not tear out hair that is still attached at the root.

Expect even the best deshedding tools to need several sessions spread over a few weeks for dogs that have a thick undercoat who have a major shed in the spring. Trying to get all that fur out in one session is not realistic, and may even make the experience so uncomfortable that your dog begins to resist and fear being groomed – a behavioral issue that can later be quite hard to correct.

Praise & Reward Your Dog During Grooming Sessions.

Finally, remember it is your job to make grooming sessions fun and rewarding for your dog. If your dog hates to be groomed, there is a good chance you have helped to make that a reality by getting frustrated or trying to use force or restraints while grooming.

Instead, use a few food treats during grooming, especially when your dog is waiting patiently and being calm. Use praise and calming tones during your brushing time and stop and reset if you find yourself getting frustrated. Dogs are quite sensitive to the energy and emotion of their owners. Be sure you keep a calm state of mind whenever doing any grooming chore with your dog.

We hope this article has helped you decide about the Sleekez vs Furminator for your dog. Do you have experience using either of these products? Help other dog owners by sharing your experience in the comment section below. Be sure to include information on what breed or mix of dog you have to help others know which would be better for their pooch.

Sharon Elber (M.S. in Science & Technology) - Professional Dog Trainer

Sharon is a professional dog trainer with over 10 years experience. She is also a professional writer that received her M.S. in Science & Technology Studies from Virginia Tech.

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